Best SEO Tools For YouTube To Promote Videos/Channel 2019: As we all know in a short period, of time video content is going to rule over digital marketing in 2019. And as per the studies, in 2021, the digital content will consist of 80% video content, which is going to see 3, times increase in traffic. Performing SEO on video content will provide you a top ranking in Google search result page and also increases the visibility of videos on YouTube. Why It Is Required To Perform YouTube Video SEO, By performing YouTube Video SEO, you can achieve:

  1. Top ranking on Google Search Engine Research Page (SERPs).
  2. It is your wish, on which you want to display your suggested video on YouTube.
  3. Top ranking on YouTube Search Engine Result Page (SERPs)

How Google Check And Judge A Video

There are two platforms where you really, need proper video optimization, in 2018. First is Google and second is YouTube. And both platforms have the same idea, to provide and offer relevant video content to their users. But the way of checking and judging the video content is different in both the platforms. And a person who will able to understand the guidelines, framework, and parameters accurately and correctly. And also perform all YouTube video SEO best practices efficiently and effectively, then that person does not need any paid traffic because by doing this, he easily gets a large figure of traffic on his video. We have mentioned some important factors from the perspective of Google, which can effectively optimize your video.

  1. Relevant Content
  2. Keywords
  3. Backlinks
  4. On-Page SEO
  5. Domain Authority
  6. Page Authority
  7. Bounce Rate


How YouTube Check And Judge A Video

We have mentioned some important factors from the perspective of YouTube, which can effectively optimize your video.

  1. Watch time of a video
  2. Bounce Rate of a video
  3. How many likes, shares and views video get
  4. Embeds
  5. Relevancy in the video content

youtube seo tools

SEO Tools For YouTube Video

If you really, want to achieve top ranking then you must have to use Video SEO tools and for you, we, have mentioned some best 2019 video SEO tools with best practices which will definitely help you to rank your video, on YouTube and, any other video platforms.

Keywords Researcher Tools:

Foremost step in Google and YouTube video SEO best practices are searching for the relevant keywords. You should try to target the keywords through the video content.

  1. Serpstat: Serpstat tool is best suitable for YouTube video SEO and it is basically, used for keywords research and backlink analysis. The Serpstat tool comes in the free and premium version. In the free version of Serpstat, you can only search 30 queries per day, tracks the actual position and audits the performance. And in the premium version of Serpstat, you can search 300 queries per day, and more than 100 results per a report, etc.

Serpstat Benefits:

  •  It helps you to research long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords, a user has to put one keyword to the tool and rest of the work is performed by Serpstat tool. And it will provide you a full list of suggested keywords.
  • You can also search for the queries and questions that people are searching for. For instance, related topic, keywords, etc.
  • You can go through the deep insight into your competitor’s site with the help of competitive analysis.
  • You can fix technical errors and can optimize SEO and, PPC campaigns.
  • You can perform backlinks analysis and also track backlinks.


  1. Google Explore


Google Explore is mainly used for keyword research. It really, help you to understand the keywords and hashtag which is best for you.


Google Explore Benefits:

  • You will receive all related content, to the base keyword, you have entered in the tool.
  • You can get access to discussion of targeted audiences.
  • You can get high-traffic hashtags- related concepts hashtags, hot trending hashtags, local hashtags, event hashtags, holiday hashtags, and brand hashtags.
  • Get related keyword suggestions


Video Optimization Tool

The main motive of this tool is to improve the user experience. All on this can be done with reducing video buffering time and network bandwidth consumption by video sessions. And this is one of the best YouTube Video SEO practices.

  1. VidIQ

One of the best tools for video SEO and it also help you to achieve potential and relevant audiences for your videos. And the paid version of this tool, provide you the best keyword insights.


VidIQ Benefits:

  • It will provide you 10*times relevant tags in less than 10 minutes
  • Use best-suited keywords for your video, by which your video will be displayed on the sidebar of YouTube and other video platforms
  • By using this tool, you can know how difficult this keyword is, search volume, and keywords score.
  • With the help of VidIQ’s dashboard, you can manage the YouTube videos.
  • You can also track social conversions about your brand and videos.
  • It will enhance the organic traffic of the video
  • It makes the video more attractive, by which video will get 4x times more likes and 7x times more shares.

All these above-mentioned features can help your video in a high ranking on Google and YouTube.

  1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a tool which is specifically, designed for managing a YouTube channel. The best part about this tool is, it can be added as a Chrome extension to your browser. You can use this tool for best video optimization, promotion, and analysis. And you don’t have to leave the YouTube platform for using TubeBuddy tool. As it can be loaded on the YouTube site to display relevant video tags and hashtags on which your video is ranking, or on which you want to work. It doubles the user experience.

TubeBuddy Benefits:

  • You can perform searches for finding opportunities outside YouTube rely on search traffic and performance of the YouTube channel.
  • It can help you to create a transcribed caption for an individual video. As professional captions have the power to increase the total number of views on the video by 7.3%.
  • It will show you the mistakes done by you while uploading videos such as broken links, improper tagging, error in the title or description writing, and many more.


These video optimization tools are used for performing successful video SEO. As they can really, help you to achieve much more traffic for your channel. And you must perform A/B testing on thumbnails, titles, tags, and more.

Video Promotion Tools

As we all know, nowadays video promotion is one of the important parts for Video SEO best practices for Google and YouTube as it is the most efficient and effective way of spreading awareness to peoples about your channel.

  1. DrumUp

It is one of the best YouTube video SEO tools for video promotion. DrumUp also helps in managing social media management.

DrumUp help you to:

  • With the help of DrumUp, you can schedule the video post for social media.
  • Help you to target specific audiences all over the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc.
  • It helps you to preview your post before uploading.
  • Authenticate social media platforms.


As we all know, creating a video is not the only task, you have to spread awareness among people of your video. And to drive a large amount of traffic to your video, you should have to promote your video extensively over different platforms. YouTube and Google Video SEO best practices are insufficient and insufficient without video promotion.

  1. YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator

YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator is a tool which is specifically, designed for promoting a video. It creates an improved quality embedded code of the videos.

YCVEG Benefits:

  • It allows you to include social media sharing links of Facebook and Pinterest on the video.
  • It has many features such as you can start the video from any second, you can also keep it in a loop, and more.
  • You can check the number of active viewers.


With the help of this tool, you can easily perform advanced SEO for your videos and YouTube channel. For instance, you can add schema to your video, which helps users to understand the topic of a video.

  1. Google Reach Planner

Google has introduced its new YouTube video SEO tool in AdWords to make more effective and more efficient media plans on YouTube and on Google supported display platforms.

Google Reach Planner Benefits:

  • Track the reach of particular video, the campaign of the video, YouTube channel.
  • You can also create a plan by which you can easily connect with the relevant targeted audience.
  • It helps you to suggest the best ad format on YouTube on the basis of marketing objectives and budget.


How To Use Google Reach Planner:
  • First of all, you have to select your target audience and then this tool will suggest some effective methods to reach them through YouTube ads.
  • Second, identify the right product mix for your brand, based on the purpose and budget allocated for the video campaign.
  • Third, you will get your reach curve, a frequency of their visits and a few other important metrics for your target audience.

Finally, make changes to the original input of a campaign to see the changes on the output matrics.

But, this tool by Google is available in beta version. If you want to get access to its beta version, you have to send a request through Google AdWords.

Video Analysis Tools

Now, Video SEO best practices include, analyzing the performance of your videos and your channel.

  1. Cyfe

Cyfe is used and famous for its content marketing tool. It provides only one dashboard in which it will show you all the data related to social media, clients, marketing, finance, sales, IT, and more.

Cyfe Benefits:

  • Track video performance by reviewing YouTube statistics and then analyzing it
  • Display the channel as well as display the performance of each video.
  • Provide all the information about the number of views, likes, shares, engagement, traffic sources, bounce rates, etc.
  • Track mentions of your brand on social media
  • Report to customers

This customized dashboard also helps in conducting YouTube keyword research and finding search results from various social media channels. This gives you the right way to choose the relevant content of your video.

  1. BirdSong Analytics YouTube Analysis

BirdSong Analytics YouTube Analysis is used and famous for its analyzing. BirdSong Analytics YouTube Analysis is a tool which is specifically, designed for analyzing the performance of your competitors.

Ranking on top not only require, performing best on your YouTube channel, but it also asks you to perform a competitive YouTube Analysis.

It helps you to:

  • You will get to know, specific date and time on which your competitor is uploading a video.
  • With the help of this tool, you will also come to know on which keyword your competitor is ranking high.
  • You will also come to know the exact length of the competitor video, as the length of the video impact the total amount of views and engagement of the audience.


Reason To Pick Above Mentioned Video SEO Tools?

If you really, want to perform amazing and effective video SEO, you will definitely need to choose the above mentioned 2019: Best Tools For Video SEO. With the help of an above-mentioned tool, anyone can know, understand and analyze about which keywords is useful and which one is right to target or which audience to target while promoting and publishing your videos, these tools will also provide insight on the performance of your videos. We have provided the best and most useful tool, hope you like it.

Tips To Improve Your Web Page Speed 2019:- As we all know Google has already announced that, the website ranking will critically depend on the site’s page speed or you can say the loading speed of site’ page. Basically, when the site’s page load slowly then, any search engine can not crawl many pages, which could directly affect its indexation. Ans this is the main reason behind, low ranking in search engines. As per the studies, it has been, observed that 47% of people want the website to load in less than or equal to 2 seconds and 40% of people do not visit the website, which takes more than or equal to 3 seconds. But unluckily, several websites takes an average time of 8.66 seconds to load. And it can be higher is we talk about the loading time of the website on the mobile.

Additionally, a piece of information given by Hubspot indicates that there is a combination between conversion and page load time, because of a reduction in conversion is related to increase in the site’s page load time. There is a very big chance of 20% to 30% of losing a conversion if there is a single second delay in load time of the site’s page. There is no other way, to get noticed online, the owner of the website must take care and must try to enhance the page speed.

What You Need & I Assume You Have Already:

  1. An optimized theme for the website, which does not create any bloat.
  2. Your website should be hosted, on a good server, which is fast enough to load the website fast. This will really, help your site visitors to interact with the site more with no problem such as opening a social media platform channel and more. Because if your website is hosted, on a slow server then it, will surely push users to go away.

Characteristics Of Webpage

The foremost thing to understand is the elements of a webpage:

  1. HTML code: HTML coding provide structure and content of the website’s pages.
  2. Static Files: These files are used for the interaction between the users, design, and functionality to the webpage.
  3. Important Elements: Logo, Background and content.

To provide services to a page, the search engines require and ask for these elements. Several numbers of an HTTP request performs an important role in optimizing the page speed.

Process Behind Web Page Loading – To Improve Web Page Speed

When anyone searches your website in any search engine, a DNS request is generated. And after this, it pushes towards your domain name provider and your server. The Document Object Model (DOM) will start his work by loading your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Document Object Model (DOM) urgently need to request further resources from your server. Now, the loading speed will depend on this process because at this stage only, things get slow down, because of issues such as:

  • Slow Hosting
  • Heavy Images
  • Several Plugins, Apps, Widgets
  • Website Theme
  • Outside Party Script
  • JavaScript
  • Redirect Links

page load time


Page Speed Statistics – To Improve Web Page Speed

There are several statistics on page speed. So for you, we have mentioned some easy and effective way by which, you can enhance your site and optimize it.

First Contentful Paint

It is one of the best and most useful statistics to enhance the site’s engagement. It the foremost and important stage in the page loading process.Where the user will able to see the loading really happening. And many times users do not see the loading process as there is no sign of loading and this might be the big reason that users abandon the site. In simple words, it directly, increase the bounce rate of the website

Document Interactive Time

This really requires, much more attention, as it tells us of the point at which the users starts to interact with the elements of the webpage. This statistics highly associate with the bounce rate.

Document Object Model (DOM)  Content Loaded

The Document Object Model (DOM) will start its work by loading your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Page size refers to the total size of the page. The foremost thing to look after is the image that has not been optimized well.

HTTP Requests

The first thing when the page begins to load is it sends HTTP request to the server. These are requests to download files to the server. Only because of this disadvantage,  no interest how little the file is, there is the smallest time each request makes due to the reply time of the server. Hence, it is necessary to decrease the number of such requests to improve the loading speed of the page.

Best Tools to Measure Web Page Speed

The similarity between load time and conversion rate, showing a reduction of 25% in conversion rates with just one additional second of load time.

It will slow down the loading speed of your site but besides also slow down the loading speed of page and which can surely, ruin your user’s experience. The average time spent on your webpage will depend on the loading time of the webpage. The longer time it takes to load, it will lower the average time spent on your webpage. This leads to a higher bounce rate and low ranking in search engines

Best Tools To Improve Web Page Speed:


  • KeyCDN Website Speed Test

It is a useful tool and best part about this KeyCDN Website Speed Test is it operate smoothly on mobile devices, also. It is way fast than many other tools and it is so lightweight and it is very useful for gathering in-depth insights on your performance of a site. The tool test involves a visual website preview and waterfall breakdown of results. You can also able to watch the full size of the page requested, the total numbers of HTTP request made and load time.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights Tool 

This tool will place your site on the basis of 1 to 100 scale meter. The higher the number it gives to your site, the quite optimized your site is. A score of 85 or above indicates that your site is performing very well. It will provide you a report according to the performance of your mobile version site and desktop version site. Further, it also provides a tip by which you can improve and optimize your site better. It offers you to optimize your site for its loading speed like the process of removing all unnecessary characters from the CSS and many other relevant suggestions.

  • GTmetrix Tool

This tool will help you in monitoring the pages of your site, regularly, weekly, monthly to make assured it stays optimized. It will provide you a full report and let you make specific, conditions and receive email notifications based on loading time of the page, YSlow score, total page size, etc. But the most important factor is, it will let you check your site speed from regions around the world.

web tools

How Page Speed Affects SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As we have already discussed above that, Google has already announced that the website ranking will critically depend on the site’s page speed or you can say the loading speed of site’ page.

As per the study shows that Google may measure time to the first byte has indicated the speed of the site when considering the speed of the page. Further, when the site’s page load slowly then, any search engine can not crawl many pages, which could directly affect its indexation. Ans this is the main reason behind, low ranking in search engines.

You should understand that every search engine is a business entity in themselves. And if they show irrelevant content for the searched phrase or throw up late ultimately they will lose. When someone searches any particular query, it is important that your web page shows result quickly as it is an important factor of SEO best practices.

And the main point to notice is that if your bounce rate is high then Google will not show your website content because it indicates that your content is irrelevant.

Web Page Speed Optimization Techniques

According to the study, even a one-second delay in page load time can:

  • The 16% decrease in consumer satisfaction
  • The 11% less page view
  • The 7% loss in conversion

The net earnings or net profits is, a quick loading page is not so important to rank the website with Google but also to enhance the profit perimeter of your business. For you, we have mentioned some best ways to improve the loading speed of your page.

  1. Reduce the HTTP request to find out, how your website currently makes such request and utilize it as a permanent mark. An HTTP request is created for each of the elements of the on-page components of your site such as content, images, codes, etc. Clearly reduce/minimize/modify the number of elements on the page to speed up it is loading time.


  1. You can remove unnecessary data without affecting how the resource is processed by the browser and combining them. By doing this, you have not only reduced the size of each file but also its total number. Further, if your site is operating on a multiple CSS and JavaScript have them combined.


  1. Synchronously and asynchronously are two separate ways in which CSS and JavaScript are loaded. With the help of latter, you can speed up your web pages because when any search engine loads a page it will run from head to foot. So, use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript to enhance page loading speed.


  1. You should host your site on a dedicated server. It will enhance your site speed, provide much more space than usual hosting server, and also offers more control over your hosting. Yes, of course, it will require a few tough works in terms of technical setup and configuration it still is a good risk. And the dedicated server is one of the best servers as compared to the VPS and a Shared server as you won’t have to share resources such as storage, CPU, RAM with other sites on the server. Hence, the webpage load time will be reduced.


  1. Leverage caching so you can cut off a proper amount of time of return visitors and provide a good experience to users. A cached version of your site means, stored data of your site in the browser of a visitor, which enhance the loading speed when a user returns it loads.


  1. There is another method by which you can reduce the load times for users who are physically far from your server, use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It will store the data of your site or you can say will cache your site on a global network of servers. When browser of the users will request for files from your site that request will be routed to the nearest located server.



Tool For Web Page Speed Optimization

  • Lighthouse

This is not a paid tool and it is an open source tool. And it’s source code is openly published for use. This tool will be operating on any website pages, public or the one requiring authentication.

It can also run through the Command line in Chrome DevTools or as a Node module. You have to give Lighthouse a URL to an audit. Now, it will operate several series of audits against the webpage and generate information on its performance. Each and every audit will come with reference documentation to tell about its importance and with recommendations.

Only a few months ago, Google has announced the development of the latest Lighthouse feature which will able to provide audit data, particular to the Content Management System (CMS). The latest feature is known as Platform Packs for Lighthouse. As it will enhance the quality of the audit with tricks and tips that are specific to every popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, JavaScrip Frameworks, etc. For example, site audit information might include trick and tips on how to address contribute in blocking resources on WordPress or how to serve suitable sized images with tips applicable to WordPress.